Orientation is a comprehensive opportunity designed specifically for the first-time freshman or transfer student providing information to ease the transition into college life and introduce the college’s goals, mission, policies, admission requirements, and programs of study.

The Director of Student Engagement and a committee made up of a select group of sophomore college students, administration, and faculty representatives assist the new students in becoming acquainted with other potential students, administrators, faculty members, and the college community.  Orientation materials are provided to all freshmen.  Entrance examinations, campus tours, social events, lecture-discussion meetings, and registration are some of the activities conducted during the period.

An orientation class is conducted for one semester as a part of the regular college curriculum.  College rules, regulations, and policies are reviewed along with other activities designed to help freshmen adjust to college.  Student handbooks and college catalogs are distributed and reviewed.

A parallel orientation is available online.  This orientation is designed to provide comprehensive information to students of non-traditional characteristics and/or students that cannot attend the campus orientation.